Wednesday is the deadline for casino proposals, though no developers have formally bid through the state, officials say.

City officials are playing the waiting game as the April 1 deadline for casino proposals inches closer and closer.
According to Sally Lunsford, spokesperson for the Kansas Lottery, no proposals have been submitted for the South Central Gaming Zone as of Tuesday morning.
The Kansas Gaming and Lottery Commission says the process will close for both the South Central and Northeast Gaming Zones on Wednesday.
According to the Wichita Eagle, Foxwoods Development Co., may try to bid a second time for a Sumner County location. Foxwoods pulled out of the bidding process last May after not coming to contract terms with the state.
Plans have only also been announced for two applications to the city of Mulvane for a casino resort in Sumner County by Equity Ventures, a Topeka-based development company.
Equity Ventures — whose gaming partner remains unknown — said it will be submitting an application for a site west of the Arkansas River bridge, located on the southeast corner of K-53 and Belle Plaine Road, in addition to the previously proposed Exit 33 location.
Neither Foxwoods nor Equity Ventures have officially submitted proposals, Lunsford said.
Wellington City Manager Gus Collins says though he doesn’t know of any definite plans, his hopes remain high for a Wellington site.
“I remain optimistic,” Collins said. “I can’t say a lot...but I am preparing some information for a potential developer here at Exit 19.”
Collins says he worked over the weekend on changes for “this particular developer.”
“Hoping by 5 p.m. April 1st I have a developer for Exit 19,” Collins said.
Over the course of looking for developers for the second time, Collins says he has only had direct contact with the two developers who chose Exit 19 the first time around — Penn National Gaming and Marvel Gaming.
Letters were sent out twice — once in December and again in February — to a list of potential casino developers, though nothing came of it, Collins said.
The potential developer at Exit 19 is “neither of those two,” Collins said.
“We’re excited, again, at the opportunity of some interest at Exit 19,” he said.
Mulvane City Manager Kent Hixson says the second time around, he and his council decided not to go after developers but to let developers come to the city.
“A lot of this is low key. We have gone though this process once and I think everybody was frustrated with go through the highs and the lows of these things and we’re not going to do that a second time,” Hixson said.
The city manager says because of the first round of proposals, most developers knew about the South Central gaming zone. Hixson says letters were sent out to potential developers but the only one to respond was Steve Snyder from Penn National Gaming.
“No one else called me...we had a ten minute conversation,” Snyder said. “I’ve had no contact with what I would call a ‘real casino person’. Not on the level of a Snyder, Steve Wynn or Donald Trump or anything like that.”
On a lower level, Hixson says he’s talked to engineers on different locations in town.
“These are engineers who are trying to figure out how to make infrastructure work at the various sites,” Hixson said. “I’ve talked to a lot of engineers who didn’t tell me who they were affiliated with and I didn’t ask them who they were working for.”
As far as what Mulvane or Sumner County could see in the way of casino proposals, Hixson says he’s clueless.
“The media has better information than I do,” Hixson said.
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