Press release from the Board of Sumner County Commissioners.

SUMNER COUNTY, Kan. – Sumner County taxpayers will be receiving their 2012 tax statements in the immediate future. County staff, while preparing data for tax statements, has concluded that the tax relief recently implemented by the Board of County Commissioners actually exceeds prior estaminets.

It should be noted that other taxing entities, such as school boards, cities, fire districts, the State of Kansas, etc., are not subject ot the reduction implemented by the County. those other taxing entities may increase or decrease their respective mill levies as they deem appropriate. Thus, the reduction in property taxes resulting from the County's mill levy reduction only applies to the County's portion of your total tax statement.

The County previously estimated that the mill levy reduction would reduce taxes destined for use by Sumner County by Approximately 27 percent. In fact, the County's portion of the tax statement is now reduced by 30 percent.

It is inaccurate for the taxpayers to assume that the 30 percent reduction applies to their entire tax statement. In addition to the mill levies of the non-county taxing entities referenced above, an increase or decrease in the valuation of a taxpayer's property will also affect the taxes owed. Property owners were notified of any changes in their property valuations in March, 2012.