WRC, local schools team up to make sure kids are covered

Gloves, hats, socks - all of these items come to mind as Fall ends and Winter starts whispering through the air. However for some, those items aren't readily available, causing local schools and the Wellington Rec Center to jump into action.

This year marks the third in a row for the "Warm the Children - Children's Apparel Drive." The drive aims to collect gloves, hats, socks, and other clothes items or even gift cards to different stores and supply kids in need with the donations.

"It's derived from the counselors at the elementary schools, they asked us last year if we would help them out a little bit," said WRC Director, Cody White. "We collect golves, hats and jackets, pretty much any kind of clothing that can be donated from the public for needy kids." White says he has witnessed the need for such an effort.

"It is shocking to hear that there is a need out there," he said. "I've got a daughter that's in the schools and I see kids that are dropped off in the morning...that just have short sleeve shirts on." Items can be dropped off at the WRC, 202, S. Jefferson, or the Fitness Center. Donations can also be dropped off at local schools around town. Deadline for donating is Dec. 14.

"Everything that's collected is given tot he schools," White explained. They'll divide up the items to make sure all kids are covered. In years past, White said the turn out for the Warm the Children campaign has been good.

"We have a big box in the Rec Center, the schools are collecting at the same time," he explained.  "Our box has been full towards the end." The Rec Center will also donate to the cause themselves.

"It's been a good response from the community," White said. For more information on the clothing drive, contact the WRC, 326-3323 or look online at www.wellingtonrec.com. Information is also on the WRC's Facebook page. It is asked that donated items be for kids from kindergarten to fifth grade, up to size 14.

"They don't have jackets or any means to stay warm while they're outside," White said. "We'll try to do the best we can to help them out."