Wellington High School students lent a hand to a few paws

Wellington High School students lent a hand to a few paws on Saturday, Dec. 1. Freshmen in Karla Defore's Crusader Way class conducted a pet adoption drive at the Wellington Armory building.

"We decided that we wanted to help the humane society," said Hayley Farley, freshmen. "We were trying to figure out whether we wanted to raise money, or volunteer at a shelter, and then we decided to have an adoption day." The group had seven cats, and two dogs to find homes for. A couple of the animals were scheduled to be put down until the high schoolers came along.

"It's really great, we feel it's gone better than we planned it would," Farley said Saturday. "We got those two dog adopted within the first 15 minutes of starting." The student's instructor was very pleased with what her class was able to put together.

"I did nothing, they did all the phone calls, made all the arrangements, they found the pets, they planned every bit of it," Defore said. "They had to overcome any obstacles…it really gives them a lot of organizational skills." She said the event was a good example of what the Crusader Way class is meant to do.

"We use Lion's Quest curriculum, the purpose of it is to basically show them that they have power over their life," Defore explained. "Show them that the skills they're learning in English class and other classes have use." The skills all went into planning what took place on Saturday.

"Even though they may never put on another pet adoption, it's skills that they're going to use in other areas of their life," Defore said. "Just the feeling of accomplishment and doing something." The Crusader Way class also aims to provide students with a sense of community.

"Their community does a lot for them and being part of the community they have a responsibility to do things for other people," Defore said.

For more information on the Wellington Humane Society, log on to their website, www.wellingtonhumanesociety.com, to find out how to adopt, donate, or join. E-mails can also be sent to pnpmortimer@sutv.com, letters or donations can be mailed to P.O. Box 494 Wellington, Kan. 67152.