Season's Readings: Local leaders and community members tell us their resolutions and goals for 2013

On Tuesday, Father Time will be bouncing a brand new baby named Twenty-Thirteen on his knee. The lullabies Father Time will be singing to the new born? All the New Year's Resolutions folks will be making by Jan. 1.

What makes a good New Year's resolution? By definition, a "resolution" is the act of being determined upon an action or course of action, method, or procedure. That means a solid resolution should be challenging, yet attainable in hopes of becoming a more well-rounded, better individual.

Of course, "well-rounded" is a descriptor that some are trying to rid themselves of. Losing weight is a popular choice for resolution makers this, and every year.

Some community leaders that aren't strangers to making resolutions – the kind that require a vote – listed shedding some poundage when asked what their New Year's resolution was for 2013.

"My New Year's resolution is to drop some pounds and introduce physical activities to myself,"said Wellington City Council Member, Dana Anderson.

"Lose 10 pounds, meaning get off my butt and exercise more. Spend more time with my family – and play more golf," said City Manager, Gus Collins, the latter part of that being in call capital letters. "Oh, and continue to serve the City of Wellington to the best of my ability." Some folks are taking more of a "lifestyle change" approach.

"My New Year's resolution would be to exercise more and be healthier," said Wellington Recreation Commission Superintendent, Cody White.

"My New Year's resolution would be to be healthier overall," said Jamie Seger, Circulation Coordinator for The Wellington Daily News. "Eat better, and get more active." The philosophy on making a promise to one's self has a lot of variations.

"Long ago I gave up the resolution to loose weight and started setting goals for the new year instead...Goals seemed softer than resolutions and just something for which to aim." said City Council Member, Jan Korte. "Goals might be number of books to read, number of hours to exercise and trips to take during the year. When I started making goals as a young woman, I had two: to see the world and to have a positive influence on women. At this point in my life I realize that I will not 'see the world' however I have seen a respectable amount of it. I will probable never know if I have made a difference in the lives of other women although I have tried and still try."

"I don't necessarily have a resolution, more of a word," said Sumner County Clerk, Debra Norris. "For 2013 my word is organize. Don't know if I'll be able to stick with it, but it is a goal." Setting goals and losing weight aren't the only two brands of New Year's Resolutions out there.
"My resolution is to be more patient and persistent in understanding the hopes and dreams of the people around me," said City Council Member, Terry Nunemaker.

"To improve my hand writing so it is understandable to others ( I challenge my boss to do the same)," said Wellington Fire Chief, Tim Hay.

"Stop feeling bad about myself after reading Anders' 'Iron Man' column," said Bill Loop, content contributor for The Wellington Daily News.

"For 2013, I'm determined to be the best grandpa in Wellington." said Mayor, Roger Stallbaumer, "I realize the competition is stiff, but I will be trying."

"My New Year's resolution will be to have more patience and understanding with those around me. Not to be in such a hurry and to enjoy what life has to offer," said The Wellington Daily News Office Manager, Jackie Fullerton. "Also to be in prayer more often and give my troubles and worries to my Lord Jesus Christ." Over at the Wellington Area Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director, Shelley Hansel-Williams made a dual-resolution.

"My personal News Year's resolution is to be more purposeful, to be a better wife and mother and of course lose 30 lbs …again," she said. "My professional New Year's resolution is to continue the good work of the Wellington Chamber, to truly make the Kansas Wheat Festival a statewide event and to continue to sell Wellington and Sumner County as the best place to live, work and play."

The New Year is a keen time for self-reflection, nobody is perfect; nobody will ever be perfect but it's important to try to get better a little bit everyday. If anyone out there has yet to decide on a resolution for 2013, or perhaps there seems to be too many to choose from – don't be afraid to bundle.

"My New Year's resolutions for 2013 are as follows," states City Council Member, Lanny Taylor. "To be a proud and patriotic American, to be a concerned and involved citizen in my community, to be a better husband, to be a great father, to be a good friend to all who want to be friends, and last but certainly not lose more weight."