TGS/McDonald Land Services hopes to get a bigger response and clear up confusion.

Hoping to clear up the confusion caused by the last letter TGS/McDonald Land Service mailed out a few weeks ago, the company has sent a revised letter out to land owners.

"You may remember last summer that there were trucks and equipment along the city streets. At that time we were conducting a seismic survey with permission from the city, state, and private individuals. All of the surface operations were completed and the seismic data was acquired where we had permissions," reads a cover letter accompanying the permit. "The purpose of the seismic survey is to map the earth’s geologic layers and create a three dimensional subsurface image that will aid in oil and gas exploration.  This technology is similar to a medical MRI."  However, TGS/McDonald Land Service doesn't have permission to view the data, which is the reason they have asked property owners to sign the mineral permit.

"They [property owners] are not giving up their rights to their minerals, they will still have them," said Carol Manhard, with TGS/MLS. "We are not leasing them, we are not buying them, it's just giving us permission to view them, that's it. The people will still own them." The company didn't have the amount of responses that they had hoped after the first letter went out.

"We got about 25 percent," Manhard said. "Our client is looking for us to possibly get that raised up to 50 percent, and that's why we're doing the second mailing." Once the permits have been received, TGS/MLS will take care of the next step.

"When a whole block sends their permits in, I'll take those down to the court house and validate that they really are the mineral owners," Manhard said. Once that step is complete, the data can be viewed and is then sent to a client.

"The information from there goes out to different oil companies who are interested in looking at the data," Manhard explained. "They are the ones who come in and do the exploration, or they'll send in a leasing company according to what they see." Signing the permit will not cause any surface operation. TGS/MLS is just trying to complete provide a complete picture for its clients.

"They just want to be able to view the minerals in the sub-surface of the earth," Manhard said. The revised letter was sent out last week. If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Julie Gordon, Operations Manager for TGS at 713-860-2278 or Carol Manhard, Permit Agent for McDonald Land Services at 620-399-8117.  You are also welcome to come by our office in Wellington at 116 N Washington, Wellington, KS.