A 47-year old man's body was discovered recently in a barn in rural South Haven, authorities say the man died months ago.

Recently the body of Edward Byers, 47, of Wellington was found in a barn near South Haven. Authorities speculate he passed away sometime around September or October 2012.

"An autopsy was performed, and there was no foul play," said Sumner County Sheriff, Darren Chambers. "We found no trauma to the body, or anything like that."

The last time anyone saw Byers alive was when his father dropped him off at the farm when Byers was released from jail in June 2012. Chambers says property is owned by Byers' family.

"He didn't live there, an older gentleman lived here," Chambers said. "And from that point on, no one had seen him." Due to Byers' history with the law, his relatives said it was commonplace for them not to have contact with him for months at a time.

"Our theory was he was camping out in the woods, it was Summer time, it was a warmer time of year where could do it," Chamber said. When the weather started getting colder, the Sheriff's department suspects the man sought shelter in the barn.

The body was discovered by a relative that was exploring the barn, who was looking to build a new house on the land.

"The best we can tell it was probably just natural causes," Chamber said. "It's just a circumstance that this is a farm, and no one uses the barn anymore." The barn was several hundred yards away from the house.

The authorities are awaiting a toxicology report on the body, which will take months to get back. For now it appears that the shelter Byers relied on didn't supply proper protection from mother nature.

"The elements took over," said Sheriff Chambers.