Local Ironman competitor, Dr. John Anders writes about his training, marathons and musings.

Have you ever watched a professional athlete being interviewed after they've won something, like the Super Bowl, and they say, "I want to thank God for helping my team win"? I'm all for giving God credit for one's abilities; thanking Him for being able to run fast, tackle other guys, catch passes and react quickly. But every time I hear a comment like that it makes me wonder; does God really care who wins the Super Bowl, or any other sporting event for that matter? I would venture to say he doesn't. God has at least 2 pages on Facebook and neither one of them mentioned who He wanted to win the Super Bowl. Here's how I see things playing out before events like this.

In the Ravens locker room someone gets up and leads a prayer. He says, "Dear God, We thank you for helping us win enough games to get to the Super Bowl. Thank you for our amazing talent. We are so athletic, but we give all the credit to you for our great ability. We thank you for the courage to persevere through a few losses we had. Of course they were games we never should've lost. First there was Ray Lewis and his bum arm, and a couple other guys were hurt too but those refs, I mean, they cost us at least 2 wins. Umm, we are thankful Ray was able to get back for the playoffs. We are thankful for deer antler spray, I mean, things like deer antler spray that make muscles heal faster cuz we know Mr. Lewis would never use any banned substances. Please help us beat the 49ers. People been counting us out, not giving us any respect. We know we are tougher than they are though. We deserve to win this game, cuz most of us have never won a Super Bowl before, and we also think it would be nice if you let Ray Lewis win one more before he retires. And after we win, we will thank you for all you have done for us. Please keep us all safe. Amen."

On the other side of the stadium in the 49ers locker room, something similar was going on. Someone stands up and leads the team in a little pregame prayer. He says, "Dear God in Heaven, We are so thankful we got to the Super Bowl. We have been working all year to get here to this monumental game. We thank you for all the awesome players we have on this team. We thank you for giving us 2 great quarterbacks. We are sorry Alex Smith had to lose the starting job when he got injured, but at least we know we have a good back-up in case something happens to Colin Kaepernick, a guy we didn't even know was on the team last year. We are sorry Chris Culliver made those comments about gays at the press conference. He didn't really mean what he said. We hope you don't hold that against us. We love all people, and, uh, even some of the, uh, Baltimore Ravens. We pray that nobody on our team gets hurt today. Please help us win this game for our fans that haven't had a Super Bowl winning team in a long, long time. Please let us do everything just a little better than the Ravens so we can win this game. Though not our will, but yours be done. Amen."

Evidently God is a Ravens fan. Ray Lewis even said so; "When God is for you, who can be against you?" And by that time, the Super Bowl with its power outage and subsequent delay had kept me up past my bedtime, so I headed off to bed. I didn't care who won. I was just glad the game was finally over. Live well. Live Wellington.