Local Ironman competitor, Dr. John Anders writes about his training, marathons and musings.

Do you ever have those days when you have things you need to do but just can't seem to get them started? I was having one of those days when I sat down to write something this week. I sat in a chair with the laptop for about an hour, but couldn't think of anything to write about so I entered my workouts for the week into an online log: 2.8 miles of swimming, 100 miles of biking and 43 miles of running.

Then I got up and ate supper. Maybe I was just low on blood sugar, and eating would get me going. Afterward I went back to my chair and the laptop. The page was still blank. I guess I was hoping it would miraculously fill itself with something while I was gone. Lots of little thoughts made their way through my brain but nothing seemed to stick. So I checked Facebook. It must have been a slow day, or else I don't check it often enough to see the interesting stuff. The next step was to check my email. No luck there either.

Having the TV on with the Grammy's being shown didn't seem to help either. It was just a little too entertaining and kept me from being able to focus. I kind of chuckled when Ellen DeGeneres came on stage with Beyonce. She seemed to have quite a crush on Beyonce, although I can't say I blame her. But that got me to thinking about the $50 million deal Beyonce signed with Pepsi. Personally I think it's terrible to promote such a worthless "food" product, but I bet if someone offered me that kind of money I could probably force myself to drink a few Pepsi's once in awhile.

Then that sent my brain on a tangent to the deal Taylor Swift signed with Diet Coke. She claims Diet Coke is "one of the loves of her life". How sad. I wonder what her other loves are. She probably thinks because it is a diet pop that she shouldn't be subject to the scrutiny that Beyonce was with Pepsi. However; there are studies that demonstrate a connection with weight gain and diet sodas too. I pretty much avoid all pop, but especially diet ones as I'd rather take my chances with sugar than artificial sweeteners that have also been linked to health problems in some people.

After sitting there with the TV on for nearly 2 hours, and having not written one line I figured I better change something, so I moved to the bedroom. Oh; I thought about the KCAC indoor track meet I'd gone to where Eric and his Southwestern College team mates were over the weekend. It was in Manhattan at the old Ahearn Field House. I think the last time I was in that building they still played basketball there. It was fun watching all the college kids run. They make it look so easy; even when it's not.

On the way to the meet I had to make a house call for my mother in law. Then I worked on one of the runners while I was at the meet; twice. On the way home my brother phoned and told me his wiener dog was having back trouble so I made another house call to check his dog. I hope his dog appreciated my work. It was a long day that had began early with a 2 hour bike ride and run. Ironman training doesn't pause for road trips to track meets, and Ironman Texas is coming up quickly.

After Sunday's long run in town, I went home and took the puppies for a few miles. Usually by the time I get home I don't feel like running more with them, so they give me the sad eyes when I get out of the car. But this time I still felt energetic and wanted to go a few more miles. Afterwards I was very glad I had gone as I was rewarded with getting to watch a bald eagle flying over the river. I stopped to watch it glide around in the wind, until it disappeared into the trees. What a sight that was! Until next time; Live Well. Live Wellington.