Girls will host first round game on Tuesday, boys will be in Wichita on Monday.

Sub-State brackets are out in basketball-land. The Wellington girls are the four-seed for the tournament that will conclude in Mulvane. The Crusader boys are the eight-seed.

The boys get the post-season underway on Monday at 7 p.m. at the one-seed, Wichita Trinity Academy. The Crusaders have 5-14 record with one game left in the regular season.

The Lady-Crusaders, who won Sub-State last year, will host their first round game against Winfield on Tuesday, Feb. 26 at 7 p.m. against Winfield. A team they beat at the high school earlier this season.

Here is the rest of the first round match-ups:


1. Wichita Trinity vs. 8. Wellington (Feb. 25 @ Wichita Trinity 7 p.m.)

4. Mulvane vs. 5. Winfield (Feb. 25 @ Mulvane 7 p.m.)

2. Clearwater vs. 7. Rose Hill (Feb. 25 @ Clearwater 7 p.m.)

3. Wichita Collegiate vs. 6. Augusta (Feb. 25 @ Wichita Collegiate 7 p.m.)


1. Wichita Trinity vs. 8. Augusta (Feb 26 @ Wichita Trinity 7 p.m.)

4. Wellington vs. 5. Winfield (Feb. 26 @ Wellington 7p.m.)

2. Mulvane vs. 7. Wichita Collegiate (Feb. 26 @ Mulvane 7 p.m.)

3. Clearwater vs. 6. Rose Hill (Feb. 26 @ Clearwter 7 p.m.)

After the first round, the tournament moves to Mulvane and will conclude with the two championship games on Saturday. If a team is eliminated from sub-state, their season is over. The team that wins sub-state advances to the 4A State Championship Tournament in Salina.