Sumner County snowfall amounts, and more.

The snow has ceased it's falling, and fall it did. Much of the state experienced snow accumulation over the past two days, Feb. 20 and 21.

Multiple weather maps indicate that Wellington and the rest of Sumner County received between 4 and 11 inches of snow this week. Wellington recorded 11 inches, and so did the western part of the County.

Further south received less snowfall, Caldwell garnered 4 inches. To the north, in the Belle Plaine and Mulvane area, between 9 and 10 inches fell.

Sumner County missed bigger snowfall amounts that hit Wichita, and Sedgwick County.

The snow storm of 2013 has resulted in countless events being postponed or canceled all together. Wellington schools called off classes for two and a half days, and canceled the last home basketball games, scheduled to take place on Thursday night against Circle. The school play was also moved from Feb. 22 and 23 to March 1 and 2.

With Kansas in the midst of a potential record-setting drought, the snow could provide a little help, but not enough to break the drought. Just because Wellington, for example, accumulated about 11 inches of snow, does not mean all of that 11 inches will convert to water.

The ratio for snow-to-liquid equivalent for a wet snow is about 5:1 (for every five inches of snow, it would equate to 1 inch of liquid precipitation). Using that equation for this week's snow, Wellington will receive about 2.2 inches of water once all is said and done. The effect the snow on Wellington Lake will be known once it has melted off.

The Wellington Daily News will have more on the winter weather fallout in the near future.