The stop light was no match for an over-sized load.

Commuters going through the intersection at 8th and Jefferson in Wellington will have to do more of looking both ways from now on, opposed to just waiting for a green light.

Late last week a wayward, over-sized load destroyed the stoplight at the intersection, making it Wellington's newest four-way stop.

"Upon further investigation, on the South end of US-81, an over-sized load – very tall and very wide approached the underpass. It's height was 15'9'' and the limit is 15'3," said Wellington City Manager, Gus Collins.

"In his [the driver's] words, a citizen says 'hey follow me, I'll take you through town,'" Collins said. "Takes him down Botkin, then North Washington, makes the turn at 8th Street, somehow successfully, and then grabs the wire and traffic signal at 8th and Jefferson." The truck was hauling large water tanks, headed for an indian reservation.

The breakers were pulled off the poles, along with the circuitry of the traffic signals at the intersection.

"We're going to leave it and do a better job with signage, but we're going to leave it as a four-way stop," Collins added. "But we will be reimbursed for the loss of our traffic signal."