Find out how to get involved.

The National Depression Glass Museum (NDGM) in Wellington is seeking volunteers for the next few months.

"We can always use volunteers," said Pam Meyer, with the NDGM. Two seminars will be held at the museum, 117 S. Washington, on March 20 for anyone interested in helping out.

"They'll have to learn how to work in the museum, and just be there," Meyer explained. "You don't have to be knowledgeable about the glass because when people come to the museum, you'll find that they'll be the ones telling you about glass because they'll remember things they've seen and things they're grandparents had." Volunteers will also be called on to help move glass, and clean from time to time. All of this is brought on by the museum wanting to extend it's hours.

"We would like to start expanding our hours this Spring," Meyer explained. "We'll have longer hours and more days during the Spring and Summer when people are out traveling."