Video of a local 11-year-old found it's way to one of Nashville's biggest bands, and they were impressed.

Mason Lough is going to meet his idols.

Country music chart toppers, The Zac Brown Band, are performing in Wichita next month. Thanks to a little luck and a lot of piano chops, one talented Kennedy Elementary fifth grader will be backstage.

Mason's story starts when most kids are still mastering the art of potty training.

"He learned little songs, like 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,' when he was around three," said Carrie Lough, Mason's mother.

"When he was about four, we had this little dollar-store keyboard. He started teaching himself how to play. So we decided he better start taking lessons."

Studying under Scott Williams, a piano instructor from Winfield, Mason began mastering his art – learning the necessary basics.

But like any normal piano student, he wanted to play music he listened to on the radio.

Mason's mom remembers his plea well.

"He begged Scott to teach him how to play The Zac Brown Band's, 'Colder Weather.'"

Williams agreed.

After Mason perfected his rendition, an innocent video of Mason playing his favorite song made its way to YouTube and onto his family and friends' Facebook pages.

A year later, the video meets the right eyes.

Larance Lough, Mason's father, has a friend who works for The Wolf 100.5, a country music station in Wichita.

His friend posted the video to his Facebook wall, and the ball started rolling.

"The Wolf picked it up from there and posted it on their Facebook wall," said Carrie.

"They sent us an email saying, 'Not only did we post it on our wall, we sent the video to The Zac Brown Band's label, who liked it so much, they sent it to The Zac Brown Band's piano player.' The Zac Brown Band's piano player contacted the Wolf, and said they want to meet Mason."

When Mason heard the news, his reaction startled his mother.

"He was speechless. I've never seen his eyes bug out like that. He was so quiet."

Not only did Mason receive the backstage tickets, the radio station asked him to perform "Colder Weather" live at the studio.

Was he nervous performing in front of a group of strangers and potentially thousands of radio listeners?

"No. Not really."

After a solid performance, Mason has a lot to be proud of.

"Everyone at school was excited about it and sort of jealous, actually," said Mason.

Mason takes his accolades in stride. When asked if he plans to continue his music career, his answer is surprising.

"I want to be an aeronautical engineer. If I don't do that, then I'd like to be a musician."

Mason's path in life may take several bends, but if his determination and passion continue, who knows where he'll land.

In twenty years, he may be designing jumbo jets or playing packed houses. Either way, he will be making his parents proud.

Listen to Mason play by searching, "Mason, 10 years old, playing Colder Weather" and "11-year-old Mason Lough plays Someone Like You," on YouTube.