The National Depression Glass Association is calling it's members to the Wheat Capital.

As Wellington preps for the Kansas Wheat Festival, another group is preparing for a national convention to be held in conjunction to the big event.

The National Depression Glass Association (NDGA) will soon converge on Wellington for the national convention, as their museum is located at 117 S. Washington.

Pam Meyer, with the NDGA, says normally the convention is a two-day sale with a banquet.

"This year, since the Kansas Wheat Festival is going on, we're going to use part of the activities that go on there and incorporate them in with our activities and make it a really fun event for the people who come from all over the United States to attend the show," she said. It's been mentioned that people in the thousands will be in town for the glass association's get-together.

"...We've got a lot of people that we've been talking to that are anxious to come down, not only to see the show, but to see the museum," Meyer said. The convention will feature glass vendors, and pieces of work that rang from the mid 1800's to the 1960's.

"We're going to be at the high school and we'll have 32 vendors coming from all across the United States," Meyer said. "In addition to that...we will have people bringing their own, personal glass collections to set up and display to the public."
There will also be workshops for people of all ages to attend. One of the work shops will be run by a NDGA member from Washington state.

"She's going to have children's seminars, she will show them [how glass is made] by making rock candy which is the closest thing you can come to without actually making glass," Meyer explained. There will also be two guest authors in town for the convention, which is set for July 13 and 14.