Find out how the golf team is looking for the 2013 season.

In his sixteenth year as Head Coach for the WHS golf team, James Ginter is pleased with the number of athletes on the roster this season.

"We have a lot of kids out this year that we haven't had out before," Ginter said. "We've got 19 kids, which is a bigger number than we've had in the last five or six years, so that's exciting." Of the 19, there are two returning seniors – Matt Hughes, in this third season, and and Logan Woodbridge in his second. The team has added two new seniors, as well – Nick Becker, who was a Second-Team All-State baseball player for WHS last year, and Brian Peck, who is also playing tennis.

"I don't know if I'd say we're young, but I'd definitely say we're inexperienced," Ginter said. "Even some of our older kids that have deiced to come out this year don't have a lot of tournament experience." The coach expects to field complete varsity and junior varsity teams this season with all of the depth.

Woodbridge finished in the top 30 of 4A golfers in 2012, and has high hopes for 2013. Another player to keep an eye on will be Chance Russell, junior, who has transfered into the district from Louisiana.

"I think by the end of the year, we should be highly competitive as a team," Ginter added. How long it takes to get competitive will be the key factor to this season.

"My top four golfers, those guys have spent hundreds and hundreds of rounds on the golf course. When I say 'lack of experience,' it doesn't mean lack of playing," Ginter explained. "Tournament experience is a little bit's a different ball game when every shot counts and the pressure is on you." The boys season tee's off on Monday, April 1 at Andover's Crestview Country Club.

That same week, on April 4, at 1 p.m. Wellington will host a tournament at the Wellington Golf Club – the only home appearance of the season. Another key date will be May 7, during the AVCTL Tournament in Winfield, at Quail Ridge.

In spite of the amount of tourney experience, the coach is looking forward to the season.

"If things go well for us early, and we continue to improve, we've got a chance to be in the hunt at the end as well," Ginter said.