USD 353 District 1, Position 1

What makes you the best candidate for the USD 353 Board of Education?

Education has always been important to me. I have a B.S. in Education from KSU and a Masters in Educational Administration and Supervision, and District Supervision from WSU. I retired after 29 years, serving as a classroom teacher at Lincoln Elementary, principal at Washington and Eisenhower elementaries, and the Title I Director. After leaving the district, I worked for USD618 as a teacher of children with special needs. Wellington has been my home since 1976. I have been active on committees in the First United Methodist Church, Wellington Chamber of Commerce, and Wellington Public Library Board. We have raised our three children in Wellington, feeling it was a good school district and community for a family. I still feel the desire to serve the children of the community. I know how to work with people to discuss, brainstorm, and problem solve. It is important to listen and come to the best solution possible to meet short and long term goals.

ONLINE BONUS question: What are some specific, local education issues you'd like to see addressed if elected?

It is important that the district strive for excellence. Retention of employees and the ability to be competitive with other districts in hiring new employees is one part of that plan. It is cost effective to retain teachers. Any new employee requires additional time, effort, and funding to ensure that they assist in student success. New teachers should be excited to come to Wellington, not settling for second best. We want all employees to be proud of being part of USD #353. After all, our employees are our neighbors, parents, consumers and taxpayers.

Making sure that curriculum materials and technology are kept current is important to facilitate instruction and assist student learning. Adoption of the Core Curriculum Standards by the State will require a need for change in instructional materials. Teachers should not have to spend valuable time to find sources for that instruction. It allows for gaps in overall uniformity of instruction from classroom to classroom. Technology is here to stay. It is expensive and must have long term planning to meet educational and society needs.

The patrons of Wellington have made an investment in their facilities. Maintenance of the buildings, grounds, etc. is never ending. There must be budgeting for projects and for the unexpected.

The encompassing issue for the district is funding. There is great uncertainty as to the future of Kansas legislatures fulfilling their responsibilities to the children of Kansas.

This is not a time to be a school board member for the faint of heart.