USD 353 District. 1, Position. 1

What makes you the best candidate for the USD 353 Board of Education?

Three reasons: The first is my BOE experience. I am running for a second term because I feel that I am now more informed than ever before about the current expectations, issues, and community concerns. Much of my first term was spent learning but now I feel more comfortable in the position. That experience makes me a far better candidate now than I was the first time I ran for this position.

Another reason is my commitment to being student oriented. This means I will continue to focus on the most important consideration in this role which is the education of our students. It requires me to make decisions that, regardless of popularity, will be in the best interest of our students, both short and long term. Lastly, moral character is a must for our community leaders. I attempt to act with integrity, fairness, and fidelity because I put great stock in these virtues. I also strive for approachability.

ONLINE BONUS question: What are some specific, local education issues you'd like to see addressed if elected?

These are not in any order:

Technology – designing and implementing an effective, durable technology plan. This entails infrastructure, technology and resources in the hands of teachers, students and parents. It also means keeping our kids up with tech education standards everywhere.

Assessments – successfully implementing the new accreditation standards which may or may not be the Common Core program. The transition from No Child Left Behind has to be as smooth as possible and we need to embrace the new standards to help our students thrive with it.

Budget – efficiently managing the budget. Regardless of how much is allocated to us, we need to be good stewards of the money. Throughout the district we need to look for opportunities to eliminate wasteful spending and make sure we are procuring all the funds we can to help ourselves.

Academic Counseling – promoting Board of Regents academics with a road map to accomplish it, encouraging project based learning for hands on knowledge and creating varied avenues for students to find success. I'd like to improve upon our individual academic counseling.

Teacher Evaluations – committing to effective teacher evaluations. We have a duty to make sure our teachers are capable of and delivering the best education possible. This tool can be used to help make our good teachers great and help our struggling teachers become more effective.

BOE Communication – developing sensible and consistent methods of communication with the teachers, parents and community. Effective communication can help everyone stay on the same page