What do you have to offer to the City of Wellington and the community?

It is not so much as what I have to offer, as it's what I have to give. Most people know how I feel about Wellington this is my home, our home. I care deeply for it and the people here. I want to see Wellington grow, I want the people here to have a safe solid community to live in. A community with unity. I do listen, I do ask questions and never give up until I have an answer. This is what I did before on the council. This is exactly what I intend to do again, if you choose to elect me. I need your help to make more good positive things happen here. We need jobs, manufacturing base that employs a lot of people. Putting people to work, spreading the tax base out, so the pressure will be less on all of us economically. Work with me, if elected I'll be working for you!

ONLINE BONUS question: Can you outline some specific goals you have to improve the community?

I've always wanted Wellington to be what it was back in the 50's, 60's, & 70's. I once, back in 2001 told to a standing crowd of business men and women at the Chamber Office, in order to turn things around here we have to turn it back. I am big on business down town. I've always felt that if you utilize the existing buildings to the max it will spark down town business. I.E. apartments, notion shops, coffee shops, book store, fabric shops, paint store, clothing stores, five and dime outlets, these all spike interest. What Tom McAlister has done down town to those buildings is beyond words, along with what Dale Hutchinson has done also. The buildings are truly beautiful; we are expanding the heartbeat of Wellington. Barbara Jon's, the Book Store, Pea Pod Furniture and the magnificent Regent Theater, we are moving forward. Not to take from the Eastern Corridor it is important, but we do not need duplicate or mall type business out there that hurt the existing business down town. That is a no win for everybody. Money is the key to growth in a community. Industry and jobs equal money earned and money earned is money spent. We need to manufacture a marketable product that not only sell here in the U.S. but world wide. City management, Mayor, Council, Chamber of Commerce, Economical development all need to make combined efforts to make this a top priority item. Cleaner water, better signage, better lighting, more street improvements, better drainage are all so important to bring about a more attractive community. If our city can move forward on just some of these items one step at a time, at mind you, an affordable price, we can in time make Wellington Kansas a more secure, and more affordable place to live in even in these really tough economic times