What do you have to offer to the City of Wellington and the community?

I have an extensive engineering background with a B.S. degree in Aeronautical Engineering and over 30 years of experience working in the airplane industry. I've also held a Kansas Professional Engineering license. This background and experience allows me to understand the technical issues underlying many of the City's problems and the ability to develop concepts for effective solutions. For example, I formulated and initiated the project plan to finally effectively drain the Fair Street RR underpass.

Much of my involvement in the aircraft industry was in project management. Various management assignments taught me to deal with all the issues and personalities involved with getting the job done. Resources (time, money, people skills, etc.) are always limited and it becomes very much a balancing act to prioritize and utilize these resources effectively and efficiently. I don't believe in throwing money at a problem, and I will always strive to get good value for what resources we spend.

ONLINE BONUS question: Can you outline some specific goals you have to improve the community?

I have several major goals in mind to improve the Wellington community. These include extending the airport runway from 4200 to 5200 feet to spur economic development. I believe we should expand our water supply and water rights to hedge against continuing drought conditions. We need to greatly improve the reliability of our electric service to our industrial customers. And, I would like to find a way to air condition the Memorial Auditorium to allow for more events to take place in hot weather.