What do you have to offer to the City of Wellington and the community?

I am interested in the welfare of Wellington and the people who live here. I have financial expertise. I
understand financial statements and budgets and have more than 40 years' experience in business and accounting.

ONLINE BONUS question: Can you discuss some specific goals you have to improve the community?

Economic development: The city has become proactive by contacting businesses which may be considering moving their operation. Our Economic Development/Gran Writer has been actively promoting Wellington as a possible location for such businesses.

Street repair: The city is working on a way to get a fund started for street repair. The current budget does not have enough money allocated for streets to complete the needed repairs. One idea is to designate a sales tax for street repair. Such sales tax issues must be voted in or out. I believe citizens would be willing to designate a sales tax to street repair.

Water Supply: A water study has been completed. The suggestion is that the city explore the possibility of drilling additional wells for supplemental water supply. This process is underway. Also a plan is in place to systematically replace old water lines.

Maintain Hospital Service: We must not forget about the Hospital. Yes, we did pass a sales tax to help support the service and the county is helping with an allocation, however health care in the current environment is a tough business and I believe we should be vigilant to keep the hospital in our community.