What do you have to offer to the City of Wellington and the community?

I am running for city council because I take a sincere interest in this community. I was born and raised in Wellington and I have raised my own children here. I am invested emotionally in Wellington and desire to see it grow strong and better for our future generation's benefit. I have a business administration degree with a minor in accounting and I have operated my own small business for about 15 years. I am invested financially in Wellington through the multiple properties I own and manage.

I am good with numbers, good with planning and not afraid of hard work. I have strong beliefs and ideas and will stand up for them. But, I will also willingly listen to another's point of view, analyze their ideas and, if deemed necessary, change my view. I'm ready to listen to the citizens and see that their ideas and thoughts are heard.

ONLINE BONUS question: Can you outline some specific goals you have to improve the community?

I decided to run for city council out of general concern and interest. I do not have a specific goal to complete, but rather an overall mission to do my part to help Wellington become a better community to live and work. Two parts of this mission could be improving the condition of local neighborhoods and increasing business growth.

If elected, I'd like to focus attention on cleaning up Wellington, in changing people's perceptions of our town by making Wellington a more aesthetically pleasing place to live. I am receptive to programs designed to instill pride back into the community. I'd like to see the city initiate low-cost incentive programs, like neighborhood and individual recognition programs. I support volunteer clean-up programs like Sherry's Army and also any city sponsored clean-up program.

I would also do what I could to aid new and existing business. I welcome new ideas and new ways of doing business. I would encourage a solid, working relationship between local businesses and the city. I feel we need to embrace a 'what can we do for you' attitude. Continuing to do something because that's the way it has always been done is very limiting. Let's give industry and businesses much support and as little red tape as possible.