Information from the Sumner County Sheriff's Office

Below is a list of bookings into the Sumner County jail from Monday, April 15, to Monday, April 22. They are listed in the following format:

Name, Age, Hometown
Location of Arrest
Agency, Charges
Court, Date of Arrest


Albertico Castillo-Olivas, 24, Wichita, Ks
Sumner County Courthouse
SUSO, Sedgwick County warrant for F.T.A.
Sedgwick , 4/15/2013

Kemp, Calvin A., 35, Montgomery, AL
Ave G and Main, Caldwell, KS
Caldwell, Driving while license suspended
Sumner , 4/15/2013

Schoemann, Jason, D N, 40, Wellington, KS
300 S Ash, Wellington, KS
Wellington, Driving Under the Influince
Sumner , 4/16/2013

Stewart, Melissa, 39, Wellington, KS
200 E 9th, Wellington KS
Wellington, Violation of Stalking order, Criminal Damage
Sumner , 4/16/2013

Turcotte, Steven, 20, Mulvane, Ks
10200 S Rock Road, Mulane
MPD Failure to Appear
MPD, 4/17/2013

Asbury, Christopher, 19, Wellington, KS
500 N. Washington
SUSO , Failure to Appear
Sumner , 4/18/2013

Hudson, Justin, 22, Hominy, OK
500 N. Washington
SUSO Serve Sentence 60 Days
Sumner , 4/18/2013

Jorgensen, Dale, 52, St. Glenn, MO
610 E Hillside, Wellington KS
SUSO, Battery
Sumner, 4/18/2013

Padley, Jimmy, 42 Wichita, Ks
500 N Lincoln, Belle Plaine KS
BPPD, Driving while license suspended
Sumner , 4/18/2013

Feugate, Frank, 53, South Haven, Ks
SGCO , Probation Violation X2
Sumner , 4/19/2013

Boyle, Kevin 35, Wichita, Ks
1300 N US 81,
Wellington, 4/19/2013

McNeal, Gregory, 44, Wichita, Ks
1100 N A Wellington
Wellington, Driving while suspended / Liability Insurance
Wellington, 4/19/2013

Richardson, Michael T. 47 Belle Plains Ks
1340 E. 120th Ave North, Belle Plaine, Ks.
SUSO D.U.I., T.O.C., Agg. Assault X2, Reckless Driving,Battery, and Flee and Elude
Sumner , 4/19/2013

Bauer, Johnny Jr., 74, Medford, Ok.
400 N. Osage, Caldwell, Ks.
Caldwell, D.W.S., Criminal Carry concealed weapon, T.O.C., and Illegal Registration
Sumner, 4/19/2013

Bickel, Deric 20, Wellington, KS
610 E Hillside, Wellington KS
SUSO Serving sentence
Sumner, 4/19/2013

Holland, Cristofer, 20, Mulvane, Ks
1104 N A Wellington. Ks
Wellington, DUI
Wellington, 4/20/2013

Taton, Dallas, 32, Wellington, KS
321 N Elm Argonia KS
APD, Rice County Warrant
Rice, 4/20/2013

Miller, Donald W, 23, Anthony, KS
1000 Block E 16th St, Wellington, KS
SUSO Driving Under the Influince
Sumner , 4/22/2013

Sumner 8
Sedgewick 27
Wellington PD 4
Mulvane PD 1
Belleplaine PD 1
Caldwell PD 2
Argonia PD 1