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 Multiple tornadoes were spotted in the southern parts of Sumner County on May 19, there were even sightings in the northwest portions of the County.

Sumner County Emergency Managment says there are no reports of injuries or substantial damage in the County.
Reports indicate a tornado was on the ground in between Caldwell and South Haven on Sunday afternoon. Another tornado was spotted about seven miles south of Wellington.

"From the best we can tell from our spotters, these were very weak and almost water spout type of tornadoes that didn't kick-up any dirt or debris," said James Fair, Director at SCEM.

Much of the County was in a Tornado Warning for a couple of hours on May 19, almost a year and a month to the day that Tornadoes caused damage in parts of the County.

Tornadoes are a fact of life in this part of the country, and Spring is the height of storm season. This year, the City of Wellington is absent one public tornado shelter.

The two remaining are located at Sumner Regional Medical Center 1323 North A (enter on the southeast side) and Sumner Care Center Nursing Home 1600 West 8th Street.  (enter on the west side)

“The old junior high located at 311 North A is no longer a public shelter as the building was sold to a private entity,” states a press release from the Wellington Fire Department. The document goes on to outline further precauctions people can take during severe weather.

“The City of Wellington encourages the public to find primary shelter in their home or business during a tornado warning as there may not be time to drive to a public shelter,” the document continues. “Locations to shelter in the home or business are a basement, interior hallway or bathroom without windows.  Other locations to seek shelter are a neighbor, friend or family with a basement.” Anyone in a mobile home should evacuate immedately in the event of tornadic weather.
“If you are in a vehicle and do not have time to seek shelter exit the vehicle and find shelter in a low lying area,” the WFD says.

 “The public must stay vigilant at all times when threatening weather approaches.  Tornado sirens are sounded when the national weather service includes the City of Wellington or the Wellington Lake (which can be sounded individually) or when an emergency responder visually confirms a tornado,” the press release continues. As soon as there is a tornado warning issued, and/or the sirens go off, citizens need to find shelter ASAP.

Local officials do not encouage amature storm spotting, there are trained professionals working to keep the public safe. Citizens are advised to stay inside during severe weather events.