June 4 city council meeting recap.

Following up the tornado talk of the last city council meeting on May 21, the convening of the council on June 4 was filled with various topics. The meeting began with an invocation by Reverend Don Bryant of First Christian Church.

One of the more important items was the postponed public hearings that will be rescheduled in the near future. The hearings were concerned with various properties that had come under consideration to be condemned and demolished. The addresses of the properties included 906 West 17th, 300 East Mill and 308 S. Olive.

In order for the hearings to take place, a notice had to have been sent to the certified property owner on record. This requirement was not fulfilled, resulting in the rescheduling.

Also among the mentioned topics was the success of Avenue of Flags last Memorial Day weekend. "It was quite a breathtaking scene," said Jim Valentine, Councilman. "It was a good service, despite the wind."

On a lighter note, Councilman John Tracy attended a Wellington Heat baseball game, and thoroughly recommended it. "It was really, really fun," he said. "It's a good night out and you can't get much cheaper entertainment than that."

A suggestion was also made by Tracy to form some sort of committee to review water situations and plans for the future, following his attendance of a city water conference last month.

Two anonymous letters were received by the council, one by Tracy and one by Vince Wetta. Both involved the registration and tagging of vehicles, one with cars and one with RVs. Both will be forwarded one to the county attorney's office and the other to Gus Collins' office.

Councilwoman Jan Korte was contacted by a constituent about the hotel development situation in Wellington. She assured the individual that the city was in the process of working with the developers, and that they're very confident and excited to work with them.

On a final note, the former storm shelter that is the middle school may become available again in the near future, due to the large number of storms this early in the summer.

The council also wants to remind the public that a meeting on the Capital Improvement Plan will convene on June 13. The public is encouraged to come and listen about the future projects and ask any existing questions on said projects.

The next city council meeting will convene July 2 and is open to the public, as always.

Dalton Carver is a freelance writer for the Wellington Daily News. You may email him at dalton.carver@sckans.edu or tweet him @Dalton__Carver.