Color.  One simple word, yet to each and everyone of us it means something different.  When I think of color I simply smile.  Color is what motivates me, it reaches out and grabs me. Some might say I am even obsessed with color.  I notice when I am watching a movie, I tend to sometimes not think about the storyline, but how they are using color in the movie.  I know, it may sound crazy but it's true.

Speaking of colors, summer is here!  Here is your summer forecast. Black and white is a must for summer! It may be paired with shades of red, for an all-American look or a bright yellow hue. Anyone Crochet? Well, if you do you might need to get your crocheting needles out! Maybe you can even dig in the back of your closet and find that old crocheted vest that you thought you would never wear again.  Why? Because crocheted clothes are coming back. Upcoming colors of summer are the neon collection! (Neon Hot Pink, Neon Yellow, Neon Green and Neon Orange) Yes, the 80's are back.  Accessorizing neon colors with your jewelry, handbags and shoes, can add a fabulous trend and color to your outfit! So, yes if you have not cleaned out your closets yet, do.  If you have cleaned out your closets and are in need of a change of color.  I have just what you need, come in and get a great big dose of color here at Boutique 1631right here in Downtown Augusta!