Severe thunderstorms leave path of damage across Kansas.

Gusts of 70 to 90 miles per hour wrecked havoc on Sumner County on June 27.

Damage to large trees was the most prevalent type of damage. In Wellington several big branches and trees were downed. City of Wellington crews were clearing the road where a tree was blocking the road just south of the intersection of 10th and Jefferson. A tree was also toppled at Wheat Country Car Wash on West 16th Street.

The fireworks tent set up in the Wellington Wal-Mart parking lot also didn't make it through the storm.

The National Weather Service had this to say about the June 27 storms:

The combination of a very HOT afternoon (highs ranged from 110 to 104), mixed with a cold front to cause severe thunderstorms to develop during the late afternoon hours in central and western Kansas. Thunderstorms developed along the front, in central Kansas, and moved southeast during the evening hours. Due to relatively dry low levels, strong cold pools developed with these storms to cause very strong winds and a quick propagation of the storms across central and south central Kansas. As the initial discrete storms developed, large hail was also observed, but eventually it became a progressive, severe damaging wind event. As the squall line dove southeast, winds behind the gust front were extreme with speeds of 70 to 90 mph.

This storm system caused a wide swath of damage from Lincoln county in central Kansas, south through McPherson, and Wichita and finally exited the state near Interstate 35 into Oklahoma.

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