Find all the clues for 2013 right here, as they become available.

Medallion Clues 2013

Clue #1
Got rules? Read 'em!
No? Get 'em!
Next step: Follow 'em!
Or...we're done!

Clue #2
Carry A Nation

Clue #3
Don't cross the line

Clue #4
Zoom, zoom

Clue #5
Out in left field

Clue #6
The Rocket

Clue #7

Clue #8
Famous Vacation Destination

Clue #9
Heard many of you say this is a Kroc

Clue #10
Daisy _ _ _ _ _

*As a reminder, if the medallion is not turned in to the downtown Edward Jones office by 4:00 today the hunt will be callled off and the money donated to a charity to be announced later.*