Check out some of the almost cottage type chicken coups kits available these days.

Good Morning lovely readers!  I have a wonderful subject to share with you….farm fresh eggs and chickens!  If perhaps you are not aware of this marvelous treat Augusta has to offer-I am here to expose the secret!  North of town at 3521 North Ohio with the charming chicken sign on the west side of the street is a privately owned egg business.  Here you can experience some of the most astonishing and delicious eggs you will have the pleasure of frying up.  The variety of chickens that lay eggs for James Dougan and Jeanna Smith are:  Rhode Island Reds, Red Sussex, and Araucanas, to name a few.  With each breed of chicken the egg color is unique.  Now this may very well be something a good share of you know, but for this designer it is a delightful sight, to open a carton of eggs and see the almost water colored assortment of eggs.  Being raised in the city limits of Augusta, farm life was unknown territory for me.  I do have to thank Laura Tuttle who introduced me to James and Jeanna and their wonderful poultry when she posted on Facebook a year ago and my appetite for tantalizing farm fresh eggs began.  The farm is such a lovely adventure, there are goats, turkeys, ducks, and of course the beautiful chickens themselves.  Many times when I have stopped to pick up eggs a particular rooster performed for me with a good strong crowing that makes the entire experience that much more perfect.  Sadly James reported that rooster is getting older and that he was no longer crows, I am glad to say I heard him at his best "Cock-a-doodle-dooing" skills!!  As many of you know raising chickens is being viewed as quite brilliant and chic.  Check out some of the almost cottage type chicken coups kits available these days.  Hens and Roosters have long been a wonderful aspect of for interior design and as I pointed out recently in my column on French Country design.  Kansas with its classic red barns and wonderfully kept farms and ranches it is only natural that chickens are part of what is purely the heartland.  Perhaps not used in the same manner as in French design, but a bit friendlier and showcasing a comfortable country life of these hard working people.
I always find the most innovative and creative people across the country when doing research on columns and raising chickens was no less delightfully intriguing!  I have two wonderful places for you to visit-Tom and Di Di Schumm own and operate a wonderful company called:  Mason Jar Shoppe also the name of their web site.  They have a chicken wire chandelier that is divine!  I literally crowed when I found this bit of chic barnyard lighting!  Please visit my other new acquaintance Tiffany Kirchner Dixon's blog:  "The Fancy Farm Girl"!  This intriguing Washington resident has a chandelier in every room of her home, yes there is even one in the her chicken coup, lovingly known as the "Boutique Chicken Hotel"!  Tiffany is a professional photographer and her blog is a wonderful treat, so go say howdy real soon!
So how can we add this charming country fair to our homes in chic little chicken doses!  Consider removing the center panel of a kitchen cabinet doors leaving the stiles and rails (parts that look like the frame of the door) or even a free standing cabinet and insert chicken wire where the panel was removed.  Suddenly you have a marvelous exposed display cabinet with the barrier of wire which gives such a lovely bit of farm life to a casual kitchen or family room.  Don't want the exposure of a less than orderly cabinet-shirr a wonderful fabric behind the chicken wire of the door for a softer appearance to the cabinet.  Perhaps you have a grandfather clock that could use a bit of "country-sophistication" remove the glass and add chicken wire!  Barnyard beautiful!
Need a board for posting family information or a recipe for Sunday dinner, make a simple wooden frame and attach the chicken wire to the frame, use wooden clothes pins to secure your posts or recipes.  I suggest you wrap around the frame so the sharp edges of the wire don't catch you unexpectedly.  Hang it on the wall and you have a marvelous bit of country charm to hang your sunglasses on as you come in the back door!  While doing research I saw a yard that used chicken wire to create evening gowns waltzing across the yard.  Can you imagine this being used for topiaries like Disney Land and grow climbing plants on them, gowns dancing in your yard…….how divine!  A bit of music and you have a setting for a lovely soirée!  An elegant party under the star lit Kansas sky……now that is delightful evening to remember!
Want to bring a softer touch of chicken wire into your home, consider chicken wire as part of the fabric design, Duralee has two enchanting prints with chicken wire as the background, you'll love rising and shining to charming café curtains in the kitchen with one of these country fabrics.  Need a bit of a country lift to your laundry room or powder room, I found wallpaper with chicken wire as the design, now we're crowing!  Maybe the simple touch of adding a handsome rooster in a decorative pillow in either needle point or hooked decorative pillow is the way to make a solid black bench strut a little!  Easy to find on the internet or specialty shops. Doors slam shut with the Kansas breeze consider an iron doorstop fashioned into a colorful rooster.  There are endless ways to add this beloved part of country life to your city home.
Finding ways to bring the heartland into your home is not difficult these day the internet has a tremendous amount of ideas for your home.  If you have never Googled or Binged images of interior design ideas this might be the time.  So many many talented people have contributed wonderful ideas to stir your creative juices!  Bing or Google soon!
We are fortunate to live in a lovely part of the country, where farm life is a part of the our state's rich heritage.  I invite you take a country drive soon and see what Kansas has to "Crow" about!
I leave you this wonderful summer Saturday with some words from the artist Grandma Moses:  ""If I hadn't started painting, I would have raised chickens.
I will be here next week!