Have my kids had a stellar summer or will they go back to school feeling like they missed out?

About two weeks ago my anxiety woke me up earlier in the morning than is appropriate; that after falling asleep later than usual from the same anxiety.  Anxiety from?  Summer is almost over.  People, on Monday we’ll be t-minus one month.
I knew summer would go quickly when, in late May, my mother and I tried to figure out a different time for each of the children to have an extended visit with my parents in Tulsa and--all the way back in late May--the first suitable time for G was late July.  Between baseball and VBS and church camp and family vacation, our summer was straight FILLED UP.
So my carefully crafted list of Fun Summer Activities That Need to Be Completed Before School Starts! kind of got pushed aside early in the summer.  Baseball and hanging with the neighbor kids and the odd playdate with kids from school easily passed our time.
But now school is almost here and I wonder: Have we accomplished everything we should have?  Have my kids had a stellar summer or will they go back to school feeling like they missed out?  So that day almost two weeks ago I sat down with the kids and made a list of things we want to do before the summer is finished: make bread (G), go skating (Little Missy), go swimming (Baby Chickadee).
In these past two weeks we’ve completed one of the three.  We are sort of on our way.
A few days after the anxiety and list-making I thought I’d made my peace with the nearness of school.  My stage of grief had hit “acceptance” so much so that I watched for back-to-school sales; THAT is some peace with the steady march of time, I tell you.  Because with the kids in school I get my schedule back and schedules are nice.  AND I get to see my friends again.  So I was pretty ok with it.
But I’m backsliding.  I’m sort of not ok with it anymore.  And the urgency to have lots and lots of fun! is renewed in this mama heart of mine.
SO, after family vacation and church camp and in between the kids’ visits to my parents’, we’ll make some bread and go roller skating and I’ll snuggle with them in the living room while they watch cartoons that annoy me .  And then no child of mine will be left wondering where their summer went as they sit in their classroom come August 15th.