A good soaker arrived on Sunday and will hopefully be followed by more rain this week.

Nothing quite beats driving through rain for an hour and a half on these semi-arid plains. But that’s exactly what my wife and I did Sunday afternoon in traveling from Alva, Oklahoma back home to Pratt.

This was no gully washer—we all know how much fun it is to drive through that type of rain—but this was simply a moderate, steady rain. This country has needed a good soaker for awhile now, and, hopefully, there will be more rain ahead on Monday or Tuesday, as the forecast holds out a little hope. Our backyard rain gauge has recorded 3/10” of moisture thus far.

The corn, the cotton, the milo, area gardens … all were thirsty for what fell from the sky.  

This unusual storm moved from east to west, and, hopefully, it still held rain by the time it reached bone dry far southwestern Kansas.

The land has been drying up here too as the grasses turn brown and blonde due to the high heat and aridity. For now it gets a little reprieve.

The term “balm of Gilead” comes to mind and accurately describes, I believe, how soothing the rain’s arrival is for most of us.

In any case, we are all thankful for what we’ve received.