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Tigers prepare for new season
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St. John senior Alexis Witt slams one over the net.
Barry Ragan
St. John senior Alexis Witt slams one over the net.
By Barry Ragan
July 16, 2013 10:37 a.m.

Don't be surprised if the town's supply of horse liniment is sold out this week. And why you might ask? Its that time of the year again when the St. John Tiger gals are reintroduced to the game of volleyball.

All this week, St. John-Hudson volleyball coach Trish Wade along with her assistant Sheila Witt are having summer volleyball camp at the school gym, and this year Wade has a rather large group of ladies out for the sport.

After being invited the day before, this reporter witnessed all sorts of stretching exercises by the Tigers this morning, and a few by the seniors that almost looked humanly impossible. But stretches are mandatory in this game, and well they should be. The gals are getting ready to play the Trish Wade style of volleyball - a fast-paced game of continuous movement, using all sorts of drills that reintroduce the girls to muscles they thought they didn't have. Standing still is a mortal sin in Trish ball, the girls either running, jumping, diving – you name it.

At least most of the girls have played some volleyball earlier in the summer and that helps. This isn't a parlor game like badminton, that's for sure.

For a more in depth view of the lady Tigers, be sure to read the upcoming article in August that introduces the players, what the season may hold for them and other things of interest.

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