As we grow older, sometimes our minds wander off the reservation.  Mine certainly does.  Lately, I’ve become concerned about the dishonesty gap between conservatives and liberals.  We conservatives simply aren’t dishonest enough to compete.  We have our share of dishonesty, (probably enough to get many of us condemned to Hell on Judgment Day), but liberals hardly ever bother to be honest at all.  If anything, conservatives suffer from being too honest.

Liberals know how to do it.  Take ACORN, for example – mostly a political organization of the Left designed to round up Democrat voters, Democrats in Congress managed to funnel millions of dollars of public money into it. 

Or the phoney issues of voter ID laws: the Left doesn’t want voters to have to show ID to register, claiming that voter fraud happens so rarely that it isn’t necessary, and claiming that it’s really tough on some voters to come up with ID.  Yet, there are so many things you have to have ID for, it’s inconceivable that having to show a picture ID to register for voting is any sort of a hardship.  

Another example is the failure to enforce laws.  Obama’s presidential oath promised to faithfully execute the laws of the United States, yet he has deliberately chosen not to in several cases.  He began military action in Lebanon without the consent of Congress; selectively enforces immigration laws, and has failed to submit budgets on time.  

Obama promised transparency, yet many things in his administration happen behind closed doors.  The development of Obamacare, for example.  The failure of various administration officials to provide Congress with information in the various investigations is another. 

To push the dishonesty theme further, consider the Benghazi deception.  Obama, Susan Rice, and Hilary Clinton pushed the idea that it was due to a spontaneous riot caused by a anti-Islamic film made by some obscure person in Hollywood, when it was clearly reported to the White House that it was a deliberate, organized attack --within minutes after it began.  Obama had told the American public that the war on terror was over, the attack proved it wasn’t, and the election was only a few weeks away. 

Dishonesty gives liberals a big advantage.  Republicans had better get with it.