Recap of the July 16 City Council meeting.

Following an invocation by Reverend Damon Singleton, of Nazarene Church, the second city council meeting of the month got underway. All members were present, aside from John Tracy. The issues were kept to a minimum, with the meeting ending just under an hour.

With no serious reports from the mayor and council, some compliments and comments were given instead. "I'd like to send out kudos to all those who cleaned up after themselves after their 4th of July celebration," said Jan Korte, councilwoman. "I saw a number of people out sweeping the streets and picking up the trash and I was encouraged by that."

The Wheat Festival was also mentioned. "Another great Wheat Festival," said John Brand, councilman. "Thanks to the chamber and everybody in the city for all they did to make it a success."

"I'd also like to thank everybody for what they did during the Wheat Festival and what a great turnout we had," said Vince Wetta, councilman. "The part I saw was a success. I had a great time."

Next, the proposal of the lengthening of Wellington's 4200 foot concrete runway to 5000 feet was brought to the table. The first phase of the project is the dirt work and preparation of the site. "At the end of the day, money is available," said Collins. "But we need to act in a timely fashion." The city officials then recommended that the council provide approval to proceed with the runway project. The council unanimously gave their approval and the project will proceed.

Moving into ordinances, the city needed the council's agreement to levying special assessments on property to pay for the costs of internal improvements in Wellington. The council had previously motioned to waive the public hearing for the issue and proceed with the ordinance. The motion passed without any debate.

For the next ordinance, the city staff requested that the council provide authority for the issuance of general obligation bonds. The main goal is to increase the principal of the bonds in order to provide funds for transportation improvement in Wellington, including roads and curbs. Once again, the ordinance was approved and passed.

On a special and ending note, it was Councilwoman Kelly Green's birthday. The next city council meeting will convene on August 6, starting at 6 P.M.

Dalton Carver is a freelance writer for the Wellington Daily News. You can email him at or tweet him @Dalton__Carver.