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"You mean Dodge City is a real place?"
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July 23, 2013 5:20 p.m.

I signed for an extremely heavy package at the office this week. Extremely heavy meaning 39 pounds in one small box! When I let my director know her package was here, she wasn't expecting anything. We opened it, to find 39 lbs of magnets for a pizza place in New York! I started to make some calls and figure out what was going on. I had the pleasure of speaking to my first New Yorker, Ben! (I do a great impersonation, so ask me next time you see me) He chuckled, wondering why his magnets hadn't arrived yet. It's still a mystery how our name was put on the shipping label. When Ben asked where he could come pick them up, I told him Dodge City, KS. He replied, "You mean Dodge City is a real place? I thought that was only in the movies!" :) We all got a good laugh out of it.
Speaking of laughs, how cute is this??? These Stache Bash Fans were my special project this summer! We got a shipment in this week and are ready to celebrate Dodge City Days. (I wonder what ol' Ben would've thought if he got 2,000 mustaches in the mail!)
Check our Facebook, Website or the DCD website for the scoop on all the events happenin' next week!
The main event of this week was the celebration of the newest Marshal, Brent Harris! There was a ceremony at the Boot Hill Cemetery and refreshments to meet the Marshal at the Long Branch Saloon. This is a great honor for Brent, and the Community of Dodge City was happy to help him celebrate! Though there have been many honorary marshals in Dodge City...you'll never believe who else received this same honor.
BILL COSBY is a Honorary Marshal of Dodge City! (L-R) Miss Kitty, Senator Pat Roberts, Bill Cosby, Jim Sherer, Marshal Brent Harris!
And remember folks...If life was fair,
the horse would get to ride half the time!

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