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Moshe Kasher: “Live In Oakland” (2013) CD/DVD Review
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July 23, 2013 5:16 p.m.

Moshe Kasher opens his new live show by saying, ďIf you get offended by any of the things

that I say tonight, thatís like totally okay, youíre a big lady and you can

make that decision. But please donít come up to me after the show and tell me

about how offended you were
.Ē That, of course, gives me high expectations,

for I love it when comedians donít hold back. He says, ďI think itís important for us to set down those kind of ground rules

early in the show so that if at any point tonight you do become offended, weíve

now established that thatís just you being a bitch

His performance is really funny, but not at all

offensive. His material on religion is great, particularly how heaven doesnít

sound all that appealing. ďYou get to

hang out with your family forever. Oh, that sounds great. You remember the last

time you spent the afternoon with your mom? Yeah, you remember that moment when

you were like, ĎIíve gotta get out of here now!í Thatís when forever begins

A frightening thought, eh?

He tells anecdotes about some of his other experiences

doing stand-up, including once when a guy shouted out, ďNext!Ē That leads to a great comparison of Jews and leprechauns. I

love his rapid-fire delivery. And I dig his bit about gay cruising parks. ďBy the way, the fact that there are gay

people born into Alabama is all the proof you will ever need that homosexuality

is not a choice

He talks about how homosexuality was once considered a

psychological disorder, and then conjectures about how great the world would be

if the things we now consider disorders come to be accepted as a normal part of

the human spectrum: ďHow cool would

schizophrenic pride weekend be?

Thereís an odd moment at the end of his performance when

someone in the audience shouts out to him that he looks like a clown, a French

clown. Very quickly it becomes apparent that this person is part of the act. It

turns into an odd mime bit, which is a strange way to end the show, as itís the

least funny bit of the performance. (The other guy, by the way, is Brent


Live In Oakland

was recorded at The New Parish, in Oakland, California. The two-disc set

includes the performance on both CD and DVD. 

The DVD is just over an hour. The CD is a bit shorter, at approximately

fifty-one minutes. What is missing from the CD is that last bit, which makes

sense, as itís a visual joke.

Live In Oakland was released on July 16, 2013 on New Wave Dynamics.

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