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by Garon Cockrell
Archaia and @Alyssa_Milano Behind #HACKTIVIST
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By Garon Cockrell
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July 30, 2013 5:10 p.m.

Photo from Archaia.com
We live in a world where technology is around every corner. Many of us embrace it, some question it, but none of us know its full potential. Will we use it for the betterment of all mankind (United Federation of Planets) or see us meet our new worst enemy (Skynet)!?
Enter Archaia Entertainment and Alyssa Milano (Who's the Boss, Charmed, Commando...also, Double Dragon. She was really hot in that!) who are working on a new graphic novel that focuses in on the lives of hackers and their love-hate relationship with the world, and the US government. In our current state of Wikileaks and NSA whistle-blowers, I think this is quite an interesting topic. Are whistle-blowers a positive aspect of governance? Or does the danger of leaks and cyber-crime pose too much of a threat? What is free speech and what is national security? The lines are so blurred, dammit!!
“I’m very involved with in global activism and philanthropy. I like the idea of everyday people doing good,” explained Milano. “My inspiration for Hacktivist is actually Jack Dorsey, the creator of Twitter and Square. I picture him leaving the office at night and going home, where he locks himself in his room and starts hacking to change the world.
“I felt Hacktivist was a strong story that I really wanted to tell visually,” Milano expressed. “Doing a graphic novel allowed me to dream big and it gave me the freedom to create without boundaries.” - ComicBook Resources
So look for this as a digital comic in Fall 2013, "followed by the hardcover print release in Summer 2014." Here at PCB, though, we'll continue to ask the big questions like "How much power is too much power, Mr. President?" and "How long should I put this burrito in for?" Stay tuned for the answers!
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