A late night drive home from Quivira National Wildlife Refuge and a storm.

The world spun in much commotion Monday evening between 8 and 9 p.m. or so out on Stafford Road.

Bugs flew erratically, frogs hopped desperately across the road, and wind-whipped trees danced nervously in the wind. My small car and I were simply trying to make it home safely to Pratt after the Friends of Quivira board meeting at the refuge.

The rain and windstorm sometimes created sideways curtains in the darkness, briefly obscuring the road, which was fortunately illuminated by frequent flashes of lightning and my car’s headlights.

It was not such lonely of a feeling out on this sometimes lonely road, though. I passed four or five vehicles between Stafford and K-61 and clumped together with another four vehicles, caught behind slow-moving farm machinery, toward the road’s end.

All in all, it was not your typical trip from Stafford to Pratt. I was simply one more creature out on the road, heading for shelter.