Sami might have just started something.

Last spring my good friend Sami put out the call on Facebook for interested friends to join her team for the Glow Run.  At that time I was running regularly at the Y and figured a 5k in August would be nothing.  A mere jaunt, really.
But then summer came, and most days it seemed sad to load up my three kids so that I could spend thirty minutes running at the Y, fifteen minutes driving there and back, then all the time it takes to get me to this level of gorgeous (even the “wet hair in a bun and minimal makeup” level of gorgeous takes some time) .  All of that takes up a big chunk of your morning.  Granted, our schedule was never jam-packed during the day, but still.  Summer mornings needed to be lazy to counter-balance the busy evenings filled with baseball.
And then I discovered yoga videos on YouTube and that was it; no more running.  I got a good workout without getting too sweaty or making my kids’ morning revolve around me.  So I pushed off running until the fall when Baby Chickadee and I could once again look forward to our mornings at the Y: she with her friends and me with my runner’s high.
But I was still scheduled for that summer Glow Run with my friends so I had the best of intentions to sneak in runs somewhere.  Then summer slipped away and I left for Branson one week, my church’s elementary camp the next, and BOOM, a mere week later the 5k I’d committed to months prior was right in my face.
So I found a friend on my team who’d let her summer running plans slip away, too, and we agreed to huff and puff together in this 5k that neither of us was truly prepared for.  Camaraderie and mutual encouragement to not die and all.
Then two other friends from our team got roped into it as well.  And there were four of us to run together!  
I’ve never run with people before.  I’ve been around people on the track as I’ve run, but I have never set my pace to run with someone before.  Let me tell you people, it is the most fun.
We chatted some of the way, hollered encouragement to each other and our super fast teammates as they passed us on the way back, then broke apart only as the finish line was right in front of us.
And you guys, I ran the whole way.  I mean, it was never a RUN, but it was not a fast walk, either.  With those girls I made it the whole way, and I’m 99 percent positive we beat the adorable girls in the tutus and feather boas who were smoking before the race, the ones who Melissa (my fellow not-summer-runner) said if we didn’t beat them we’d have to give up running altogether and take up knitting.  Well, no need to hang up the running shoes for me.
So look out, people, the bug to run races is in me, fluttering around my brain and telling me to find more that I can run with friends and with my husband.  Sami might have just started something.