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by Garon Cockrell
Blu-Ray Review: Quicksilver
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By Garon Cockrell
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Aug. 15, 2013 5:10 p.m.

Quicksilver is the story of a former stock broker who loses a bunch of money and decides to spend the rest of his life as a bike messenger. Apparently, so he never has to see money again? I guess he felt so bad about losing his father's life savings that he had no choice but to exile himself to the world of bike messaging.
Unfortunately, this movie is not good. Not at all. Unless you count Kevin Bacon's hair, which is awesome. Quicksilver just never feels like it makes any sense. There's no real tension and it just sort of falls apart. It's supposed to have some kind of crime element to it but outside of a guy who seems to be inexplicably obsessed with Jamie Gertz who also likes running over bikers. It's silly and everything just leads up to Bacon putting a bunch of money in the stock market to get his friend more money for reasons I can't even remember. I think he wanted a new suit or to start his own business.
This movie was done far better recently with Premium Rush which has everything that Quicksilver is missing. A great cast, tension, fun, great stunts, and a plot that makes sense. Quicksilver though just fails on every level.
That said, the blu-ray does look great for whatever it's worth. The transfer is really well done. I just wish the movie held up better or was ever good to begin with.
There are no special features on the disc so basically you're buying the movie and that's not any good so this one will probably be a pass unless you are a die hard Kevin Bacon fan.
Or you want to see just how awesome his hair is in this movie.
Quicksilver is available now.
2/10 Bikes!

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