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As a newcomer I know there are a lot of stories I need to hear. One is about the junior high school.

I’ve no idea of its history, but it must be haunted. There is a TV show coming about some people who have already looked for them. Last week the school board gave permission to another group that wants to look for ghosts.

The TV show will be on Monday night on the Biography channel. Two Wellington residents, Carrie Tooman and Lisa Vargas, were flown to Hollywood to take part in the show.

The new group that is coming is called Moonlit Ghost Hunts and they are based in Wichita. They  have some equipment they use.

I do believe in the spiritual world, and am not completely sure that there are no ghosts. But from what I do know, spirit is spirit and flesh is flesh. I don’t see how a machine could spot one, but then again technology is doing some amazing things.

Looking for ghosts is fun for some people, so I don’t want to be a spoilsport.

 Looks like the school board doesn’t either as it gave them the green light. The group will bring a group of people who have paid to be part of the expedition, and the ghost hunt will begin.

I am pretty skeptical about ghost hunting and such – even though the movie “Ghostbusters” is one of the best all time movies in my opinion.
But I do like stories. I like imagination. I would rather have the mystery and wonder, and even tall tales about ghosts and such, and just never really know for sure. Once you bust the ghost, you’re done and the mystery is over.

When it remains a story, it lives forever just like the ghost does.
The building that holds the newspaper is also pretty old. There are some dark corners and creepy areas where no one goes anymore. Wouldn’t surprise me if there were a ghost or two sneaking around up there.

But it’s more fun to just have the stories about the ghosts.  Let your imagination run wild about all the ghosts that wander the streets of Wellington.


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