Wellington City Commissioners are set to pass their budget Aug. 20. They are currently deciding between a small tax increase and making street repairs.

The Wellington City Commission will have a public hearing on its budget next Tuesday, (Aug. 20) and is expected to pass its budget at that time. Currently the budget is calling for a 2-mil tax increase, which City Manager Gus Collins said would amount to about a $2 more per month for a $100,000 house or property.

On Tuesday of this week commissioners went over their budget one last time, looking for ways to save money and some commissioners were looking for ways to not raise taxes at all.

Collins said the city has not had a tax rate increase in eight years.

He told the commission there is some contingency money, or a cushion, built in. That could be cut to avoid taxes, but if the city had any unexpected expenses, they would be in a bind and might have to borrow money. The commission has to approve any expenses regardless.

Another option to avoid the tax increase would be to put off some street repairs.

Those are two decisions the commission will have to make Tuesday as it approves the budget.

Collins said departments in the city were asked to cut their individual budgets by three to four percent, and for the most part they did.

Increases in expenses are largely in streets, water and sewer.

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