Bill O'Reilly stirred up a controversy when he focused his attention on unwed mothers as one of the causes of disadvantage for Black kids.

It’s tough to get totally up-to-date-2013 statistics, but Bill O’Reilly of Fox News recently stated that 72 per cent of Black children are born to unwed mothers.  For Latinos, the rate is about 54 per cent, and for Whites, 29 per cent.  O’Reilly stirred controversy by saying this is unfair to Black kids, and is a primary cause – not just a symptom -- of many of the problems they face.   I concur, but not just for Black kids.  Any child growing up in a single parent home is at a very likely disadvantage – more likely to be poorly educated, poorly fed and clothed. 

The Center for Disease Control has statistics on unwed mothers by race, up to 2011.  Look at the percentages, top line right. (Table I-4).  The percentage of all races is given at 40 per cent of all children born to unwed mothers.  The other numbers are almost exactly the numbers O’Reilly gave.

The percentage of births to unwed White women is bad enough: 29 per cent.  Whatever happened to “shotgun” weddings?  I can remember a time when it was almost unthinkable for a woman to have a baby without the security of a family.   Of course, lots of folks live together now, never marry, so the numbers probably aren’t as bad as they seem, but a child needs the commitment of two people. 

The nearly 3 out of 4 Black children born to unmarried mothers is a total catastrophe.  O’Reilly said he thought this is the most important factor as to why such a high proportion of Black children are disadvantaged in school and the workplace.  He cited two more reasons: Rap music, with its anti-civilizing messages and attacks on normal culture, and their inability to speak English.   Here I’m just telling the truth: only Blacks truly understand Eubonics, and employers won’t hire kids who can’t communicate with other people.

Whites and Hispanics have their share of punks, gangs, and unemployable brats who listen to Rap.  We too have our neighborhoods where no sane outsider enters. 

O’Reilly singled out the Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton types (which he calls the Grievance Industry – who do their best to keep the pot boiling, and do so as a profession) as not doing anything to address these issues.   He also had important Black persons on his show (such as an NAACP officer), and asked them to agree with him on his assertions.  Several of them (conservatives) did agree with him, in whole or in part, but others came on and did the Liberal shuffle: refusing to acknowledge the problems as he stated them, dodging his questions, and implying that White people are to blame for all Black problems.

But family is fundamental.  Having children outside of marriage is a problem for everyone.   If I were Liberal, I might say, let’s just make it illegal, like the 32-ounce soft drink in New York.   My own take is, a woman who has a child without a spouse should have her tubes tied.   That’s just me.

What to do?  First, recognize the problems for what they are.   O’Reilly says he’d like to see the President use his bully pulpit to dissuade single mothers from having children.  Encourage marriage, love, and life partnerships. That would be a start, but the entire society should be involved.  Shooting the rappers might not be a bad idea, but since that’s probably illegal, the caring public should work against them at every opportunity, using boycotts and persuasion.  Also, a campaign to persuade Blacks to abandon Eubonics and learn to speak normally would be in order.