School started in Wellington Tuesday, Aug. 20.

The Wellington Daily News

Teachers have spent the last week (or longer) prepping their rooms for yesterday's return to school. Students filed into school excited about starting a new year. "This has been a really weird summer with all the rain. It's usually pretty hot when we get back to school." 7thgrader Kyle Parsons stated. "I'll miss sleeping in, but it is great to see friends again."

Many elementary students got to meet their new teachers before today, as most elementary schools in the area held a meet and greet open house. An opportunity to drop off school supplies and spend time in their new classrooms. Eisenhower had an ice cream social event for students and families. Dana Pacchelli, mother of 4th grader Destiny and 5th grader Brandyn, stated, "The kids loved the ice cream, and it was a fun way for the kids to get to know their new teachers."

Elizabeth Harriger, 3rd grader at Kennedy Elementary, already has her outfits picked out for the first week of school, "I am so happy to start school! I want to make lots of new friends and show off my new outfits!"
It's not just kids and parents ready for the school year, teachers also are excited to get their year going.

Lyndsie Oathout, 8thgrade Science teacher, expressed some challenges that teachers will face,"Common Core is quite a change, but it is always exciting to get students back into our classrooms."