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Graham Parker & The Rumour: “This Is Live” (2013) Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack Review
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Aug. 27, 2013 5:10 p.m.

This Is 40 is a really bad, lazy, repetitious, unfocused, poorly

conceived film. One of the few things making it worth watching is Graham

Parker’s presence. Well, I have some very good news. Shout! Factory has

released all of the concert footage shot for the film on a DVD titled This Is Live. So now you can skip the

film altogether, and just enjoy the music. I’m glad This Is 40  was made, because it made this new DVD

possible. Now toss away your copy of This

Is 40
, and enjoy This Is Live.

This footage was shot as

Belasco Theater in Los Angeles. It is weird, because in a few of the wide

shots, people cross in front of the camera, but those are extras, not real

concert-goers (at least as far as I know). So there is an odd aspect to this

performance, because it was staged for a movie. According to the DVD credits,

there were four cameras used for this scene. I do wonder if the songs were

repeated several times, to get additional shots (like from behind the band),

and how the performances were edited together (because of course we never see

any of the other cameras in any one camera’s shot).

But what is important

here is the music. And the music is so damn good. This band still totally has

that special something, and these songs are fun and vibrant. The band does

twelve songs, beginning with “Fool’s Gold.” Graham Parker plays acoustic guitar

on several of the tracks, including “Local Girls.”

There is some new

material, from the band’s 2012’s release Three

Chords Good
, including the title track and “Stop

Cryin’ About The Rain.” “Long Emotional Ride” is a nice new tune with a sweet

vibe. Graham Parker sings, “I never took

one word of advice/Never in my whole life
.” But then: “I dreamed I saw a movie of my life/I thought I dreamed it, but it was

real/I realized I’d been surrounded by friends all of the time
.” Nice, eh?

And appropriate, considering this was shot for a movie. This is one of my

favorites.  And speaking of references to

the movies, in “Passion Is No Ordinary Word,” Graham sings, “The movie might be new, but it’s the same


“She Rocks Me” is another

highlight, a fun tune. And yes, that is a kazoo in Graham’s harmonica holder.

This performance also includes a very cool rendition of “Stupefaction,” one of

my favorites from this band. “I can’t see

the point, but I see the attraction
.” What a great song. By

the way, you can see a much earlier performance of this song on The Best Of Fridays, which was released

by Shout! Factory on August 6th.

The band ends the set

with “Soul Shoes” from the 1976 album Howlin' Wind. (“Sirens In The Night” plays

during the closing credits.) The DVD is approximately fifty-five minutes, and

contains no special features.

This Is Live was released on August 27, 2013 through Shout! Factory.

Note: I also posted this

review on Michael Doherty's Music Log.

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