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By Tom Driscoll
Sept. 1, 2013 11:05 a.m.

No, I am not an intelligence analyst or a professional military strategist, not a learned expert in the geopolitics of the mideast, privy to the scholarly studies of the strategic complexities, but I have arrived on my sense of the situation in Syria as a citizen. I’ve done so as clear headed and responsibly as I know how to be. I am a citizen of this country and via this country I am a citizen of the world, a resident of earth —creature of creation. What we’re talking about in Syria is a regime using sarin gas on its own populace and killing about 1500 civilians in one recorded episode. Men, women and children. Calling this a “transgression of international norms” fails to capture the enormity —and frankly the horror— what has been transgressed. Maybe some of us are such pure and principled pacifists as to genuinely believe only votive candles and prayer should go into opposing such an atrocity, or maybe others really do feel so sorry for themselves that they want to plead poverty or powerlessness in the face of the atrocity, maybe some of my fellow citizens believe there is principle to be displayed with inaction, but personally I respect the President for identifying this country with the courage and capacity to oppose and punish this criminality. And I hope Congress does so as well.

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