Safest road rage is on paper I had another one of those days last week. If there was ever a reason for road rage, this was the day. It all started as I pulled out of the truck stop in Emporia and another truck followed me. I turned west and was headed to Garden City. Loaded with 50,000 pounds of shingles, it takes a little time for my truck to get up to top speed. It wasn't fast enough for the truck behind me so he had to pass before we ran out of four lane highway. A mile down the road, the truck that was in a hurry is now the slow truck. At the next passing lane, I made it around him and had smooth sailing for another mle. Now there is a truck doing 55 in a 65. His truck isn't broke, he's doing it on purpose. The new rage with the bigger companies is to drive slow and save fuel. They don't care about the animosity it creates with other drivers. I am now at Strong City behind two more trucks. One moves over in the right lane while we head on. I find out that the other truck is barely going the speed limit. At the first passing lane, I tried to go around him. The pasing lane was a mile to short because this driver refused to slow down and show any courtesy. I had to follow him all he way to Newton at his speed. When we got to Newton, we parted company, he went south and I contiued west. It wasn't long before I got behind the next slow car. Every time this young man put the phone to his ear, he would slow down. When we got to a passing lane, he would speed up. Next we came up behind a pickup and followed it to Burrton. I thouht that I might get by them on the four lane but they hardly slowed down. I followed those two the rest of the way to Hutchinson, On the other side of Hutchinson, it went a little better. With less traffic i was able to pass a car. The driver of the car slowed down as I started around, which was nice of him. There were two hay haulers, one east of Stafford and the other at the junction, going slower than the speed limit. I made it around them without too much trouble I make it to Kinsley and get behind a grain hauler who has just got on the road. It takes him a little while two get his speed up but wre are on our way. Then at Offerle, we get behind a 60 MPH truck. We followed that truck all the way to Dodge City. I had one more truck that would not go over 60 and had to wait until Cimarron to pass him. I finally made it to Garden City It may sound like that I'm a speed demon, but my truck will only do 68. It's hard to pass without the speed to do it. If you want to drive slow, have the courtsey and slow down so people can pass.