Scripture:   Psalm (NIV)  111:9  He sent redemption to his people;  he has commanded his covenant forever.  Holy and awesome is his name! 

Observation:   I heard of a little child who described a friend as a person in whose mouth your name is safe.  How we speak of our friends reveals how much we value them as friends.  How we speak of God our Father, the Holy Spirit, or the Lord Jesus Christ reveals how much we really value God.  

Application:  I would never use the name of a highly respected friend in a light-hearted manner, or in a way that would disrespect them.  And since there is no one I respect more than God, I want to make sure God’s names are safe in my mouth. 

Prayer:   Heavenly Father, may all who hear me speak quickly know that you are honored above all others in my life. Amen 

Pastor Leon
Making friends for time and eternity!