I evaluate the current situation.

First, we have to understand the situation.  Here’s the way I see it:

 We’re sliding into socialism.  The majority of people in this country no longer work – they are supported by the government – federal and state.   We face majoritarian despotism, which can never be reversed by the minority.  Let me invent a word: deadbeatocracy.  Deadbeats will always vote to support Big Brother.  It’s starting to appear as if Democrats – the party now under firm control of the extreme left --will win all future elections at the national level. 

The federal government looks more and more like a dictatorship.  The president and his appointed ministers choose which laws to enforce, and they simply ignore quite a few of them.  Congress has become an impotent laughingstock with an approval rating of less that twenty per cent.  Obama governs by regulation – without regard to whether he or the various departments of the executive branch have the legal authority to issue the regulations.  He seeks to nullify constitutional restrictions by ignoring them.

Minorities in this country seem to like being the underclass and being dependent on government.  They vote Democrat in astoundingly large percentages.  It’s as if they don’t want a good economy with employment opportunity.

Morality in this country is falling apart.  The recent pot festival in Oregon, where hundreds or thousands of young people gathered to smoke marijuana and engage in other deviant behaviors is a telling symptom.  It doesn’t help that the institution of marriage has been cheapened by gay marriage legislation in several states.

The economy of the United States is looking more and more like the economy of Detroit.  We’re spending much more than we’re taking in, and we’re borrowing most of the annual deficit.  A financial collapse is becoming ever more possible.  Suppose this marvelous Big Brother government of ours could only pay out all the benefits by printing more money – it could take a wheelbarrow full of cash to buy a loaf of bread, as it did in Germany in the early 1920’s. 

So much for the good news.  Now for the bad:

The Republican party is riddled with non-conservatives who talk big but vote with the Democrats for much of the above.  Even if we win control of the senate in 2014 and/or the presidency in 2016, we have no leadership for the reforms necessary to correct our nation’s course. 

We desperately need to reform taxes, government spending, entitlements, health care, and bring the economy back to what it was before Obama took office.  Sadly, it doesn’t look as if that could possibly happen.   The ship has sailed.