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by Steve Moody
Paws For Prevention – Beat the HEAT
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By Steve Moody
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By Steve Moody
Sept. 9, 2013 5:20 p.m.

Felipe Carlito Rodriquez[/caption]photo (8)Felipe Carlito RodriguezThis is FCR Felipe Carlito Rodriguez – back again from a long vacation down south. Did you miss me?
I teamed up this morning with my friend Mike Gould to bring you a new safety message -
“How to stay safe in the blistering hot Kansas HEAT.
Let us look at that word – HEAT.
First there’s the “H”. Heat can kill folks. Even big bodies can get in trouble when subjected to that hot tamale of a sun, but our little frames get out of kilter much faster.
Picture an egg sitting in a hot skillet. Within seconds its sizzling. If you aren’t careful, your brain will be that egg.
Next is the “E”. What should you do to prevent your brain from becoming a cooked egg? You could Enjoy a swim. You could limit your time outdoors – and Enjoy the air conditioner inside. Or, you could Enjoy a cold, wet rag around your neck.
Enjoy leads us to the next letter “A” – and the BEST thing to Enjoy: Agua “aka WATER”.
Your body needs water to live. Heat makes you sweat and sweating makes you lose water. So DRINK, DRINK, DRINK lots and lots and lots of AGUA!
This brings us to the last letter “T” and the most important – because it is about ME. Do not forget to “TAKE care of your little amigos – your pets. We are even smaller than you.
- Heat can kill us – too.
- We like to swim – too.
- And, we need water – too.
So, that concludes our September safety message.
The last wise words from myself and my good friend Mike is – “Stay Cool and Beat the Heat!”
This is FCR signing off.
Remember – “Ten Cuidado – STAY SAFE!”

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